Indonesian Studies

Since 2013 I have been working to develop Indonesian Studies at the Hebrew University, indonesian_studies_conference_in_jerusalemthe only Israeli university that currently offers this field. Our program includes courses in Bahasa Indonesia (beginning and intermediate), courses on Indonesian culture and history, and a weekly gamelan workshop taught by Dr. Amatzia Bar-Yosef in collaboration with the department of musicology. Visiting international scholars and postdoctoral fellows have also taught courses on politics, performing arts, gendered activism, Islamic popular culture and Old Javanese in recent years.  In 2019 a new forum  - Indonesia@Hebrew_U - was established Lev-zion levctureon campus with the aim of organizing and promoting Indonesia-related events at the University, including lecture series, film screenings, book launches, Indonesian language meetings, workshops, conferences and more. Several Hebrew University students have participated in courses offered by Indonesian universities (in person or online), and we hope to expand such collaborations in the future.


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